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8 types of complementary styles of shoes for the macho

A number of shoes that many different types of people may be synonymous with the name of women. It might sound strange if a woman does not love shoes and boots for women can not be separated. Confinement but not men, because without them awake, the adam should have at least three different types of shoes in their shoe closet.

Some people are not that concerned with man about the importance of having a wide range of shoes to suit. Without them aware, in addition to complementary styles, the shoes also need to be adapted to the activities carried out to provide comfort to yourself. So, to the man out there, please take note. You should follow the nature of women's self-sufficient little like changing shoes.

The man is now no need to worry if they do not have many choices because along with the development of fashion, shoes, men's shoes are on the market now comes with a more attractive design and in accordance with the current trends.


Shoes of 'formal' or 'dress shoe' fits stylized if attending a formal event and also to the office. This is a mandatory shoe especially for men who work in an office or engaged in professional work. However, the 'dress shoe' which used to be present in black, has now emerged in the market with different colors and designs more stylish. Men appear more stylish when now can create this kind of shoes other than formal events such as with jeans.


Maybe men do not care to have different types of shoes but a lie if they do not have sneakers. Casual shoes sneakers are the most sought after not only by the adam, but so are the women. The simple design and maximum comfort make the sneakers and the number one choice in a closet must-have shoes. It is perfect worn in any informal event and during sightseeing. It is also available at cheap and affordable as in 'downtown' and 'uptown'. You must also agree with this statement is not it? Brand is not important because it let the original cheap chic look!


In addition to sneakers, loafers is also one kind of casual shoe is designed for those brief mild. It is also comfortable and present in more modern designs. Loafers are very simple and stylized to suit all types of men's casual clothing. Its design is almost equal 'dress shoe' in which it is more suitable to be worn on normal days.


Moccasins shoes also is last in the list of the hottest casual footwear types on the market and up for grabs now. Moccasins are available in two types: the first type is made of lightweight fabric and soft, while the second type of fabric is quite hard. You are crazy about K-pop artist is enough to recognize this kind of shoes. See only male artists who like to style their moccasins and trousers paired with 'skinny' short or 'skinny' long pants folded a little tip to the level of the ankle. You can see how the shoes are worn charm also makes a simple man digilai by women.


May not be described with a lengthy description of the shoe type. Sports shoes is the shoe in the closet must-have shoes. What is important, sports shoes shoes should be comfortable to use especially for running. Perhaps it seems trivial but a suitable sports shoes is very important not only for the comfort of the foot but also to avoid sports injuries. Choose shoes that absorb the pressure and made ​​of fabric to absorb sweat.


Speaking of football shoes for football and futsal, of course it is also a mandatory thing for men unless he is a foot stool. Choose only shoes that suit the type of ball game and make sure that you use most often because of football boots on the market are usually quite expensive. However you will not lose pay more for this kind of shoes because the quality is at its best.


Your man is simple and easy? You also feel wearing closed shoes when out for a walk and relaxing weekend as difficult and complicated? Flip flops and sandals may be your choice. It is easy, simple and fun not to mention it now comes with a variety of attractive patterns and designs. Flip Flops are also nicknamed 'slippers modern Japan' is definitely an option youngsters not to mention it is light and comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. Slippers men who also composed of several types also can match with all kinds of casual clothes without you worrying called 'blind fashion'. It is the thing that must be taken while on holiday in the lands.


Men who wear boots are seen as someone who is tough and messy. In addition to wearing fashionable, but also helps to warm the feet from cold winds. But also increase the draw style of the wearer when worn with whatever the latest fashion and help a person appear different. There are several variations but produced in the market such as high boots, knee boots, ankle boots, motorcycle boots and 'vintage boots. It is an excellent choice for the man if occasionally want to appear different in style.

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Tips and How to Care for Leather Shoes

Wearing leather shoes can change a person's appearance . However, if the non- leather shoes in the guard will wear out quicker .
Under these authors provide some useful tips or guidelines that can be adopted by lovers of leather shoes leather shoes belonging to always stay awake.
1 . Shoe Leather can not be worn every day , if you wear it today , next day, it would be shelved and use another shoe .
2 . Shine skin care needs are more complex than regular shoes . It can be cleaned with a soft brush or clean cloth . necessary to keep it in place with a hardener shoes to maintain its shape.
3 . Best time to buy shoes is the afternoon because it ' expands ' five- Up through eight percent of the time.
4 . Avoid leather shoes excessive sunlight as it can damage the foliage.
5 . Event leather shoes wet , dry it with trace paper to remove the water , then let it dry.
After this, your leather shoes will surely awake. Good luck !

Guide before buying shoes

Shoes is not just a footwear that protects feet. Model , color and so on many kinds of women's shoes have been designed to be the choice of the wearer. With many designs of shoes sometimes make buyers be bingung.Kebanyakan women love shopping for shoes so due to rekaannyaa only , consequently the legs may be injured the effect of selecting the desired shoe design . The result is a shoe that does not apply anymore because of this uncomfortable and hurt you . If you want to buy shoes should consider the following aspects :

custom Shoes

There are many designs and types of shoes available in the market . The design of the front reaches the height of shoes . Just choose shoe design needs . You can customize the use of shoes to be bought either for the pejabatr , casual event , attended or other requirements. Each shoe design to create a distinctive effect and may not always correspond with the dress will be charged . If for a stroll you may be able to choose wedgetManakala to the council, a sexy stiletto shoe type . More information about the type of shoes , you can read the following article :

Types of Shoes

Note suitability shoes. Choose shoes with proper selection and comfortable, that will not make you fall. We recommend that you do not choose shoes that are too high incinya . When you try it you will have to stand or walk in a long period of time so due to the wearing of shoes in the long run can cause foot wound or injury or illness lain.Jangan too choose designs shoes according to the latest trends but does not fit with the event or the suitability of the pair. The important thing is comfort when worn . Although the model does not fit the beautiful but if it is better you choose the right model and feels more complete when worn .Foot shapeThe shape of the foot with the other person is different. There is a round toe shape , box , or pointy . Choosing a shoe design that suits the shape of the foot is very important to feel comfortable while wearing it. If you have the legs of the box, should not use so due to acute tip shoes will cause pain in your toes .

color Shine

Using shoes with colors that match your outfit will look attractive and appropriate with your appearance . In contrast, color contrast or conflict with the color of clothing would impair the appearance . Choose the right color for your shoes with the color of clothing that will be used in the event tertentu.Warna appropriate colors are black, white , gray , brown or cream could be an option and should be owned so due to the color of the color is perfect for all colors apparel you have.

time to Buy

Buying shoes should be done in the evening . In the evening , the feet have to do a lot of jobs that are in the greatest measure up does not feel cramped . When buying shoes in the morning or afternoon it means your foot is not in maximum size . So , even if you feel appropriate when buying a shoe size , but once purchased and used in the evening , so due to blistered feet can be narrow .

trying Shoes

The best way before deciding to buy shoes is to try it . To try it out, you can determine the shoe size was appropriate and provide comfort. Shoe size is different and changes over increasing age , then please do not say to buy a shoe size you normally wear it without trying so due to mis- select , shoes can be so narrow or longgar.Menentukan measurements should also be taken into account whether you want to wear socks or stockings . If you always wear stockings or socks , choose shoes with a size larger than the size by selecting only fit - fit .When you try it, wear shoes or a pair of both , and do not try the shoes only. Because of the possibility of right side while another side is not suitable . The benefits provided are the mirror to see the body as a whole . With a view , you can determine whether the shoe fits or tidak.Jangan shape just sitting or standing without moving when trying shoes. Use the shoes to walk in the store . Do a sit to stand movement several times . Feel , the shoe feels comfortable when used running or not .

Choose The Best Shoes

The most important thing is choosing the right shoe when used . You feel comfortable when wearing it.
You can move with greater confidence without having to bear the pain or foot torture .

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Shopping for British Men's Shoes

Nowadays men's shoes are in as much demand as women's shoes. The catwalks are awash with an array of enticing styles, some of which boast to be smart-casual in style, whilst others are more retro in appearance.
Boat shoes
Some of the most indispensable men's styles available today include that of boat shoes and dress shoes. Boat shoes look great with just about everything and boast to be the go-to weekend wear of the season. Regardless of whether you wear them with chino style trousers, dress shorts or suit pants, they add a holiday-esque feel to any look.
British made men's shoes are known throughout the world for their durability, style and comfort. A lot of the world's most famous designers are actually educated in Great Britain, which makes British-made shoes some of the most sought after styles today.

Mens shoes such as leather brogue lace-up shoes offer a contemporary yet classic style and one that is worn with a wide range of attire. This is one of the reasons they are said to be a popular choice with many fashion-focused men today.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are an essential part of any fashionista's wardrobe and every closet should boast at least one pair of men's shoes. Such a style of shoe is suited to a variety of occasions, including formal events, job interviews and business meetings.
The Oxford and the loafer tend to be the most go-to options today, such designs have in fact been extremely popular for quite some time now.
The Oxford shoe's name is derived from Oxford University. This is mainly due to the fact that the informal yet practical design was very popular amongst the student body.
Today's lace-up men's shoes all appear to go under the name of Oxford and as such, come in the form of sturdy leather business-like shoes, complete with close lacing. Despite the smartness of this shoe, many choose to wear such a style both in and out of the work environment.
Oxford's are traditionally made with one continuous piece of leather and clean lines. Many of today's more contemporary styles feature embellishments and detailing in the form of wing-tips, brogueing and saddles. Black, brown and light tan tend to be the most popular colours available, although white hues and two-tone designs are more suited to weekend attire.


Today's loafer is another popular shoe choice for the contemporary man. The lack of lacing makes the loafer less formal and therefore, more suited to low-key occasions.
The loafer-style has changed very little in the last 80 years, standing as both a timeless and popular footwear choice for today's fashion-savvy individual.
Such a shoe choice is often worn with denim, khaki and casual trousers. Some of the more modern styles tend to come complete with various extras in the shape of ties, tassel and buckle embellishments.

When wearing such a style, it is important to team the shoes with similar accessories and socks, especially if you intend to work the 2012 turn-up. Jane Shilton have a great range of men's shoes that could prove great addition to any man's wardrobe this year.
Alexis has worked as a fashion editor for a fashion magazine for 7 years and he is now a self employed copywriter writing about fashion trends and blogging regularly on various sites.
In his spare time he loves to shop for the latest fashion item. He is also a regular contributor to Jane Shilton's fashion column.

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How to Identify the Different Types of Mens Dress Shoes?

 Mens casual shoes

It is available in different styles and colors. Each shoe has its own prominence and should be worn accordingly. It is undoubtedly a matter of personal choice as to what type and color of it you prefer to wear but there are some standard rules which should be considered before purchasing and wearing different types of it.
There are different types of it to wear on different occasions. Wearing the same type of shoes to weddings, operas and funerals can be quite unpleasant. It is meant to worn for formal events but there are different types of shoes to suit each occasion. The shoes which are black and sleek are considered to the most formal type of shoes. However, brown shoes are also preferred by most of the people.

The Different Kinds of Men's Dress Shoes
There are both lace up shoes and slip on shoes which can be called as it but the lace up shoes are known to be more formal especially the black colored shoes. Formal shoes have little or no designs and patterns on them. The following sections will help you identify some of the most popular and widely used it.

The Wingtip Dress Shoes: It is a classic variety which is believed to be in vogue from the 80s. The shoe can be identified as one with a pointed top with curves both at the back and down the shoes. The wing tip dress shoes are ideal for events and functions though it is not usually worn daily. The black colored wingtip shoes are known to be a more business type shoe whereas if it is brown it can be known as a casual pair of it.

The Oxford Dress Shoes: The most popular dress shoes include the Oxford dress shoes. These shoes are synonymous with men's dress shoes. It is identified as the shoes with a rounded toe and closed lacing. It is the most formal type of dress shoe that should be included in every man's shoe collection.

Dress boots: Its also include the rugged dress boots which appear stylish and comfortable. It is preferred by travellers as it can be slipped on and off easily. It is an ideal choice for winters and casual wear.

The slip on dress shoes: Another popular variety of it include the slip-on dress shoes which is available in black, brown and tan colors. These shoes can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions.
White Dress shoes: Made from rough leather, the white is the most elegant pair of shoes which can be worn with summer outfits.

It can be bought from online stores at attractive price rates. It made of genuine leather can be obtained in different colors, shapes and designs according to the requirements of the customers. Most of it is made of exquisite material including leather which gives a sophisticated and elegant appearance to the wearer.
Anamika Swami has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. Get latest updates on Mens dress shoes which are of great demand in B2B space.You can find more free information about Trade Leads at
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How to Choose the Best Casual Shoes for Yourself?

Mens Casual Shoes

Shoes have also become important to get the desired look, just like your outfits. For formal events, you pick your dress shoes to complement your sophisticated look and for the casual ones, you consider choosing comfortable shoes. Today, every guy has different kinds of shoes for different occasions. You cannot even think of wearing the same shoes everywhere. With so many choices to consider in footwear such as the style, material, color, and purpose, one needs to take a decision with much care. Among such a huge variety of footwear available in the market, casual shoes have become the first choice of modern men and women as these shoes are trendy and bring comfort to their foot. These versatile shoes have become important for everyone, as they can be readily matched with different dresses for various occasions. But, the question arises is where to look for such shoes and how to get the right fit? Well, this article is written to help you know the considerable factors to choose the right kind of casual footwear for you. Have a look at them:

Consider the fit: Everyone has a different foot structure and this calls for choosing the perfect fit for you. To get the required comfort, you should choose the perfect-fit footwear for yourself. Keep in mind your special needs before choosing the right size for yourself. Whether you like to wear sandals, moccasins, mules, or lace-ups, you should select the perfect size to keep your foot at ease always.

Consider your purpose: Consider your purpose of buying the latest pair of shoes for yourself. As for different activities, different types of shoes are needed. For example, if you're looking for footwear for morning or evening jogs, you must choose the right kind of joggers for yourself. However if you wish to have a fashionable and comfortable pair of shoes just to hang around, with your friends, you must choose the sandals or slip-ons.
Consider the season: The season is also a major factor to be considered while choosing the perfect casual shoes for you. For winter months, you need footwear that provides the required warmth to your foot. On the other hand, for the balmy days of the year, select open-toed and lightweight shoes. Pick the perfect style of shoes to provide the required comfort to your foot.

Consider the brand: The brand of the footwear also matters a lot. Some people are quite choosy about the footwear they wear and they always prefer purchasing the top brands. However, some consider features more than the brand. Branded shoes are however a better choice as you can be sure of the fine quality of the shoes.

So whether you're purchasing Adidas casual shoes or any other casual footwear, keep the following points in mind to make your investment worth. Also, consider your personal preferences to make a right choice with the latest footwear you're buying. As you are buying shoes for yourself, it's important to choose something that is of your personal choice.
Besides being a famous author, Jyoti Gosain works as a designer with a renowned shoe-manufacturing firm. She shares her expert views on various styles of shoes in India that make the fashion conscious men and women happy, via blogs and articles. She keeps researching and writing about the popular footwear brands as well such as Adidas casual shoes and other reputed ones.
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Mens Casual Shoes