Friday, October 10, 2014

8 types of complementary styles of shoes for the macho

A number of shoes that many different types of people may be synonymous with the name of women. It might sound strange if a woman does not love shoes and boots for women can not be separated. Confinement but not men, because without them awake, the adam should have at least three different types of shoes in their shoe closet.

Some people are not that concerned with man about the importance of having a wide range of shoes to suit. Without them aware, in addition to complementary styles, the shoes also need to be adapted to the activities carried out to provide comfort to yourself. So, to the man out there, please take note. You should follow the nature of women's self-sufficient little like changing shoes.

The man is now no need to worry if they do not have many choices because along with the development of fashion, shoes, men's shoes are on the market now comes with a more attractive design and in accordance with the current trends.


Shoes of 'formal' or 'dress shoe' fits stylized if attending a formal event and also to the office. This is a mandatory shoe especially for men who work in an office or engaged in professional work. However, the 'dress shoe' which used to be present in black, has now emerged in the market with different colors and designs more stylish. Men appear more stylish when now can create this kind of shoes other than formal events such as with jeans.


Maybe men do not care to have different types of shoes but a lie if they do not have sneakers. Casual shoes sneakers are the most sought after not only by the adam, but so are the women. The simple design and maximum comfort make the sneakers and the number one choice in a closet must-have shoes. It is perfect worn in any informal event and during sightseeing. It is also available at cheap and affordable as in 'downtown' and 'uptown'. You must also agree with this statement is not it? Brand is not important because it let the original cheap chic look!


In addition to sneakers, loafers is also one kind of casual shoe is designed for those brief mild. It is also comfortable and present in more modern designs. Loafers are very simple and stylized to suit all types of men's casual clothing. Its design is almost equal 'dress shoe' in which it is more suitable to be worn on normal days.


Moccasins shoes also is last in the list of the hottest casual footwear types on the market and up for grabs now. Moccasins are available in two types: the first type is made of lightweight fabric and soft, while the second type of fabric is quite hard. You are crazy about K-pop artist is enough to recognize this kind of shoes. See only male artists who like to style their moccasins and trousers paired with 'skinny' short or 'skinny' long pants folded a little tip to the level of the ankle. You can see how the shoes are worn charm also makes a simple man digilai by women.


May not be described with a lengthy description of the shoe type. Sports shoes is the shoe in the closet must-have shoes. What is important, sports shoes shoes should be comfortable to use especially for running. Perhaps it seems trivial but a suitable sports shoes is very important not only for the comfort of the foot but also to avoid sports injuries. Choose shoes that absorb the pressure and made ​​of fabric to absorb sweat.


Speaking of football shoes for football and futsal, of course it is also a mandatory thing for men unless he is a foot stool. Choose only shoes that suit the type of ball game and make sure that you use most often because of football boots on the market are usually quite expensive. However you will not lose pay more for this kind of shoes because the quality is at its best.


Your man is simple and easy? You also feel wearing closed shoes when out for a walk and relaxing weekend as difficult and complicated? Flip flops and sandals may be your choice. It is easy, simple and fun not to mention it now comes with a variety of attractive patterns and designs. Flip Flops are also nicknamed 'slippers modern Japan' is definitely an option youngsters not to mention it is light and comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. Slippers men who also composed of several types also can match with all kinds of casual clothes without you worrying called 'blind fashion'. It is the thing that must be taken while on holiday in the lands.


Men who wear boots are seen as someone who is tough and messy. In addition to wearing fashionable, but also helps to warm the feet from cold winds. But also increase the draw style of the wearer when worn with whatever the latest fashion and help a person appear different. There are several variations but produced in the market such as high boots, knee boots, ankle boots, motorcycle boots and 'vintage boots. It is an excellent choice for the man if occasionally want to appear different in style.

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